Girnar a feeling of purity. Girnar a place for peace. Girnar a place from where infinite souls have attained salvation. Girnar a place from where next 24 tirthankars are going to attain moksh.

Girnar a place where our Neminath Bhagwan had attain 3 kalyanaks, diksha, keval and nirvana.
It is also known as the 5th peak of Shatrunjay Giriraj. The idol of 22nd tirthankar Neminath Bhagwan is the form of purity, just a glance and it makes your soul peaceful.

For Name Contact
Girnar Tirth Seva Punitbhai 9930086660
Avnishbhai 8879251887
Girnar Navkar Jaap Kenilbhai 9821789686
Prachar Kit Viralbhai(Kandivali) 9820567891
Nikunjbhai(Kandivali) 9867244815
Girnar Panchang Bhaveshbhai(Goregaon) 9876543210