Shree Shatrunjaya Tirthadhiraj Choviyaar Chaath Saat Jatra – A divine pathway from Siddhachal to Siddhashila.

This Yatra has been a successful turning point in the lives of hundreds of people. Fill the form at the earliest and give yourself a chance to create a lifetime memory.

Yatra Motto – Saat Jatra Karne Jayenge… Saat Jatra Karke Aayenge…

Brief Programme:

  • 11th Feb 2022 – Departure from Mumbai
  • 12th Feb 2022 – Reach Palitana by afternoon
  • 13th Feb 2022 – Attarvayna at Palitana
  • 14th Feb  2022 – 15th Feb 2022 – Chovihar Chath Saat Jatra
  • 16h Feb 2022 – Parna & Departure from Palitana

Jai Giriraj Jai Aadinath.

Saat Yatra Photos