The pathway for our souls starting from Siddhachal to Siddhashila and making ourself do a nearly an unimaginable thing of seven yatras with two chovihaar upvaas.

Don’t miss it this year and fill the forms. Giriraj Shri Shatrunjay Tirth Choviharo Chhath Saat Jatra has become a sudden successful turning point in the life of the people.

Saat Jatra Karne Jayenge Saat Jatra Karke Aayenge …

Labharthi: Samkit Pariwar Ratlam
  • 30th Dec 2019 – Departure from Mumbai
  • 1st Jan 2020 – Attarvayna
  • 2nd Jan -3rd Jan 2020 – Chovihar Chath Saat Jatra
  • 4th Jan 2020 – Parna & Departure from Paliatna
If you haven’t done yet then Do It & Feel It.
Jai Giriraj Jai Aadinath.

Saat Yatra 2018